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Gencon 2017

Post by Abaddon » Thu Sep 07, 2017 11:47 am

My gaming group went to our 6th year of Gencon in August and had a great time. Highlights included:

Kings of War Mega Game! Huge Undead vs Forces of Good (Dwarves, Elves) with 4 people per side. Hundreds of painted models on a painted board. We had a blast.
Vendor Hall. A blast to be in the sea of people and gaming goodness.
Kingdom Death: Monster booth had amazing previews of the new expansion and Gambler's chest models.
Privateer Press: New Grymkin models are beautiful.
Dota2 Tournament- Only 2 teams showed up, but was tons of fun.
KD:Monster Campaign- we started a People of the Stars campaign that we played at night at our apartment. Awesome story events and mechanics so far.

Photos here
Eldar 15-3-0
Space Orks 8-3-2
Orcs 5-3-1
Dark Elves 4-2

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Re: Gencon 2017

Post by Knight of Roses » Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:40 pm

It was a great show, my report about my time there can be found here. GenCon 50 was full of fun and excitement.
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