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Artists needed

Post by Kalan » Fri Apr 18, 2008 7:05 pm

Okay, so I am looking for some nerdy artists. I am releasing a CCG at Dragon*Con this year, and everything is in place except for a sizeable chunk of the art.

There is one catch though. I am doing this on a very tight budget, so money is not an option right now. Before you call me a douche and storm out of here I have something you might want to know.

The game is designed for publicity purposes. I am selling an ad slot on each of these cards to relatively small gaming companies so that they can gain recognition. Since these cards are collectible, there is a greater chance that people will keep them and see the ads more often making them potential customer. It utilizes quite a few principles of marketting.

In exchange for the art, you will get you contact info on the card so that people can reach you for future jobs. Of course, I will be making more sets in the future as well as at least one more CCG. I am hoping to only have to beg for free art with the first set.

I already have a few pieces some other artists have done for me, and even a site for this projuect. is the site. I also have a social networking site (like MySpace) set up for this project too, (join and contact me if you want).

I hope to get at least a couple of responses.

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Post by Abaddon » Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:41 pm

Sounds cool dude. I'd love to see some Athens talent at Dragoncon!
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