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Post by E-Arkham » Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:05 pm

Sorry, I hadn't been reading these forums as often anymore but I do read the Muels ones often. Had to cut back on my forum reading time so I could have more Muels-coding time. ;)

Just go to your profile page, scroll down to "Set My Account Inactive" and click. Should take 20-24 hours. You'll get an email when it goes inactive.

While inactive, you'll still be able to read messages and reports but nobody will be able to attack you. That's better than being locked out cause a lockout will stop you from logging in at all but won't stop you from being attacked.

TJ wrote:im quitting muel for a while, im really busy and theres not much to do yet. if you could lock my accounts for now, id appreciate it

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