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[WTS] liquidating my hobby stuff

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:07 am
by Morbidangel
Hey guys. I am basically refreshing my trade/sell list.

I am Still trying to get rid of these. I haven't put anything up on ebay yet, its more of just getting time to either finish these models and taking pictures of them. Everything for the most part needs to go..except maybe the eldar..i am still partial to them. I am just going to focus on just the 40k side of things, i just can't seem to get motivated or pick an army that just interests me for fantasy. SO everything either has a price(which is negotiable), and can be traded.

So on to my list

Plague Monks(20)+2 rat ogres(half the unit is fully painted, one rat ogre is fully painted. Handlers are included but are not assembled for rat ogres. These are the new plastics, and i would like $25 for the unit as is, $50 if you want me to finish the unit and extra rat ogre(as they will be fully painted and nicely done too)

Daemonettes-metal ones with tentacle hair(x6) primed, and mostly assembled, have to reattach arms to 3 of them, these are the current metal ones..and i can include fantasy bases if need be, but they are on 40k bases. $20 or trade. Yes there isn't much of a discount to they are nice models, and i will have the arms reattached before i sell them to you. So with all the extra work on keeping them together i feel they are worth you get 1 extra more than half the box set.

I also have the limited edition dark angel model, he is mostly painted, i just have to finish his base, bolt pistol, and the silver/gold metal sections. He was limited edition till just recently when they put this guy on the GW website. Completely ruins my plans, as i can sell localy or i have to finish this guy to sell on ebay. I don't have a price set for him. if your interested, shoot me a tell, i will send you pics, then you can make an offer. If the offer is good enough, i will finish painting him before the trade too.

I also have 6 daemonettes that are mostly painted. Again one is fully painted, the rest have the flesh finished, and other sections started. They are based on round bases, and these are the metal ones with the tentacle hair. Same with the dark angel sergeant, no set price, if interested, send me a tell, i will take pics, you can make an offer on it as is, or make an offer for me to finish painting them to match the one that is finished.

Chaos fantasy mauraders, x15(25 bucks, assembled, primed black and based, with movement tray), and 12 warriows (25 bucks for these, 10 assembled, based, primed black, 2 not assembled, but can be to match, also comes with a movement tray), and a limited edition chaos sorcerer on foot, matches the collectors chaos sorcerer on horse. This sorcerer is primed black and based, i would be willing to sell this guy 20 bucks as is to a local guy, if no one is interest, he might gon up on ebay. I will also sell all 3 of these chaos items for 60 bucks, save 10 dollars if you want all 3. I was just going to get into this army but i just have no motivated with fantasy at all.

Now...for what i am interested in.

Cash mostly, but i will trade for stuff if need be. Mostly what i am looking for is marine stuff, but nothing specificly. I can always use more basic marines (preferably unpainted stuff, assembled is fine if its not to caked with glue). I am also interested in the veteran marines mark 2, apocalypse rules book, templates for apocalpyse, the new 40k rule book that is around the corner is another good trade, and a banesblade, any marine tanks, marine commanders, mostly just anything space marines. They also have alot of new stuff coming out later this we can always work out deals for postponed stuff.

I am also interested in some of the new dark elf stuff coming out, corsairs/cold ones but this is still debateable. I want to do a fantasy army, but just really not sure which i want to do, but the dark elves models are just really awesome.

Anyways, i just want to offer this stuff up to the local crew first. Odds are good i will start getting this stuff up on ebay this summer, as i need to liquidate the junk

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 7:53 pm
by Morbidangel
just a bump. I am liquidated out of the hobby for the most part, just keeping one army. So if you see somethign you woudl be interested in...let me know..i am willing to work things out at a local level. I will remove stuff from the list as i end up getting it on ebay. I gotta find the time to get pics of the stuff too.

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:54 am
by SoldierOfFortune
You want to talk about some of those Dwarfs? I'd love to get ahold of the Slayers, that cannon and the rest of the artillery sprue. I'm not ready to talk about the rest of the Core until I get finished painting what I already have.

Hmm... while we're talking, how about the Orcs? I could do some arm swaps and make some Shoota boyz for my 40K army...

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 11:21 pm
by Morbidangel
this is just a bump. Renewing the intersted and i revised my list. If you see something you are interested in, shoot me a tell.