[WTS] Space marine predator and stuff

Trading post for locals that want to trade minis/games/cards
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[WTS] Space marine predator and stuff

Post by Morbidangel » Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:45 pm

Hey guys. I am not getting rid of my marines, but i thought i would offer to liquidate off some stuff i am not using or plan to use.

First up.....a space marine predator. Its assembled(tracks still need gluing on) and is primed white, the tracks are primed black. Its got twin link lascannon turret and heavy bolter sponsons. I would am asking $30 for the tank, since well, the work is done for you, its just ready for paint(thats 10 bucks off)

Second thing is a 5 man unit of assault marines. These guys are primed white, and have a sergeant with power weapon, and 2 plasma pistol upgrades. I don't use assault marines much, so might as well clear out some space. Asking $18 for these guys. Thats a 7 dollars saving.

Next is a large command squad/veteran mix. This is a 9 strong unit, with an apothecary with power weapon, veteran sergeant with power weapon, company champion, standard bearer, two special weapon guys(i think one is a melta, the other a flamer), and 4 veteran marines with chain swords and pistols. These last 4 guys are either the straight mk1 veterans or some slight conversions. I don't need these guys, at all and i am only asking $30 for the entire unit, which is a great deal since a command squad box set alone costs 35 dollars.

Also, if anyone is interested, i have a couple of multi meltas(guns still on the plastic devestator sprues) i would be willing to part with for $2 dollars each. I don't use them at all, due to my luck with melta weapons, so if anyone is interested in them, let me know.

Also, i have some chaos fantasy mauraders and warriors that i am getting rid of. Its a unit of 16 mauraders and 12 warriors. 15 of the mauraders are assembled and primed black, and 10 of the warriors are assembled and primed black. The other 2 warriors and maurader are still on the sprue. I also have a limited edition chaos sorcerer on foot(it matches the sorcerer that is mounted and thats a collectors edition model on gws site). If you want to get each unit seperatly, i will sell the units for 20each, and the sorcerer for 15. If you want to buy them all together, you can get a small savings and i will just sell both units and the sorcerer for 50.

As always, i offer to you guys locally first, so PM me if interested so i can delete the thread when i end up putting this stuff up on ebay.

If you are looking to trade stuff, let me know as well. I can always take more stuff, and currently i am looking at either dark elves(some of the new stuff), or some eldar things to round out my eldar army(that i am working on, but not sure what eldar stuff i am looking for at the time of this post.
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