WTS my eldar stuff

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WTS my eldar stuff

Post by Morbidangel » Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:50 pm

Hey guys. I am looking to part ways with my eldar stuff. If anyone who plays eldar up here is interested in what i have, please let me know.

It boils down to several factors, one i am having the worlds hardest time coming up with an army list i like so i can expand the army. Second i am struggling to paint the force. Not so much actually struggling to paint it, but the color scheme i did is a bit extreme even for my painting skills and i lose interest really fast. Third reason i am not interested in them is cause of a mix of them being a bit common, but also i can't seem to balance out the units to suit my playstyle. I guess if i played them more and more i would eventually compensate for my lack of using the army, but i also seem to have karma laughing at me when i roll the dice for the army. So i am looking to get rid of them.

What i got.
*2 units of 10 guardians(with 2 weapon platforms, but 3 weapon options all together, a missle launcher, brightlance and scatter laser).
+7 guardians not yet assembled
*farseer with singing spear, and 3 warlocks(1 singing spear, 2 with witchblades)
*autarch that came with army box set, modeled up with a power glaive and avenger rifle
*8 fire dragons(exarch has firepike, but i have bitz for flamer if you wanted to swap out)
*10 howling banshees(exarch with mirror sword, but again i got bitz)
*vyper with starcannon, turret with gunner isn't glued to it
*wave serpent with star cannons
*wraithlord with missle launcher, bright lance, and two flamers

This totals up to about 1150 points, 1200 with the extra guardians in use. All the models are at least primed black, the wave serpent is fully painted, the vyper has a basecoat of blue, the wraithlord has basecoats started. 1 warlock is fully painted, as well as one weapon platform with missle launcher and 3 guardians. The rest fo the guardians for the first squad have been basecoated +first layers of blue. The autarch has a basecoat as well, the farseer and a second warlock are mostly painted. The fire dragon exarch is fully painted, and the rest of the unit is almost done. I can and will finish this unit if you guys want me to. I will probably finish this unit and the farseer anyways so they are done. All the rest is just primered.

I am looking for cash or trade. More than likely it will be cash. The retail price for all this stuff is around $260 . I would like to get at least $160 for it. Reason for the price being cheap is well, a good amount of it would have to be stripped if you wanted it to match your armies, or you end up just having a few odd colored units for your army. I will say tho..the wave serpent can sorta match the fire dragons. If you are interested i can take pics if you want.

As for trade...send me a PM if you want to try to trade stuff for it.
Thanks for looking.
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