Willing to trade/buy fist bitz...

Trading post for locals that want to trade minis/games/cards
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Willing to trade/buy fist bitz...

Post by Morbidangel » Sun Sep 21, 2008 2:50 pm

hey guys. I am posting this and its a bit early. But with the release of the new drop pods, i am sure a few of you guys are gonna invest in them. I am gonna invest in two myself. But anyways to the point, the new drop pod has some bitz, for chapter markings that you can glue to the doors. It comes with an ultramarines, dark angels, blood angels, spacewolves, fists, and probably templar markings(as i can't confirm this marking yet). Anyways, i want to get those fists from you guys if you don't end up using them. I will gladly trade you other icons if you use those, since i know we got some bloodangels/dark angels and a wolf player and templars.

Eitherway..i will trade for them, or buy them, maybe even toss ya a soda or something. I might not use them on drop pods, but extra fist icons will come in handy for my army as i can use them on vehicles.
Shoot me a PM if you end up with any to trade/sell.
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