[WTS] Chaos and Space Wolves

Trading post for locals that want to trade minis/games/cards
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[WTS] Chaos and Space Wolves

Post by HurricaneGirl » Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:00 pm

I need to make room and pay some bills so my old armies need to go. :(
I'd rather support locally as well so I'm putting them here first before I go to ebay. I would like cash, but will accept trades too.

Chaos Marines - Emporer's Children
1 Chaos Lord on Bike. Daemon weapon & Lash (interchangable) DW isn't painted.
1 OLD Chaos Dread with new Chaos Dread Power Claw arm.
1 Keeper of Secrets. The old one. No, older. Painted or unpainted (I'm keeping one of them. ;) )
2 Rhinos
12 Chaos Terminators. Half new, half old. New ones largely unpainted.
6 w/ Sonic Blasters 1 new, 1 2nd gen, 4 original.
6 w/ Bolters
9 w/ BP & CCW, 1 has a Doom Siren
1 w/ Flamer
1 w/ Plasma gun
1 w/ Power Fist and BP + Doom Siren
1 w/ Power Weapon and BP + Doom Siren
2 w/ Blastmaster 1 new, 1 2nd gen
4 Heavy Weapons 1@ Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Missle Launcher, Conversion Beamer (I use as a 3rd Blastmaster)
6 more unassembled, unpainted 1 with power fist, 1 with conversion beam

Only 9 of the marines are plastic! Most of them are Lead, so don't eat them! This was the first army I collected (note Conv. Beams) and some of them are painted a little funny, since Emporer's Children didn't have an 'official' color scheme until recently.

Asking $300

Space Wolves
1 @ Ragnar, Ulrik, NJal
1 Capt w Power Sword
2 Dreadnoughts 1 Bjorn, 1 Las/Power Fist
10 Terminators 1 PW and Pelt, 1 Lightning Claws and Pelt, 2 Assault Cannons (one with shield), 1 Cyclone, 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 TH/Shield.
9 Blood Claws, 1 PF, 1 PW
6 Long Fangs 2 Missle Launcers, 2 Las Cannon, Heavy Bolter and Sgt
1 Land Speeder. Very old. Assault Cannon and 'thingy' (Heavy Flamer?)
3 Blood Claws w/ Jump Packs. 1 PF, 1 PW
6 Scouts, 4 OLD plastic BP & CCW, 2 new snipers.
8 Grey Hunters PW, PF, Melta/Flamer/Combi gun, Bolters/CCW
8 Grey Hunters Plasma Gun (2nd ed box marines), Bolters
10 Grey Hunters 2 PF, 2 Plasma Pistol/CCW, Bolters/CCW
5 Bikes Older, Lead, Plastic Marines unfinished. all have CCW
1 Assault Bike w Multi Melta
1 Classic Land Raider
2 Classic Rhinos
1 Classic Predator
1 Converted Whirlwind
Several unpainted Marines including 2 or 3 scouts and 5 more plastic scouts and bits for a Razorback.

asking $650. I've put a LOT of time into this army, and have taken care of it pretty well I think.

I also have an unpainted Classic Land Raider that I could throw in with either army, It's lascannons are off, but I have them.

I think that's it. I have pictures if you like or can take more. Everything is accounted for. Please let me know if you have an offer (I will entertain offers) or need more info. I really don't want to sell piecemeal, but will if there's enough call for it.


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Post by HurricaneGirl » Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:51 am

I've figured up some pricing. :)

I also have some other stuff for sale. Unopened boxes of all sorts of stuff. GW, Pirates (Frozen North), Mechwarrior. If you are interested in any of it, let me know. I'll probably put a post up later with a list.


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