Cami's Trade/Sell list

Trading post for locals that want to trade minis/games/cards
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Cami's Trade/Sell list

Post by HurricaneGirl » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:35 am

My leftovers for anyone who might have missed the carival. :) and a wish list.


12 OOP Chaos Warriors (primed black, some in the beginning stages of painting)
6 OOP Harlequins
1 Dark Reaper Exarch with Shuriken Cannon.
1 Warhammer Fantasy shoulder bag (with not-original strap)
1 Warhammer special edition dice and bag (came with the shoulder bag)
12 Bretonnian Knights/horses (knights on sprue, most of horses as well
27 Yeoman with bows. (8 painted, 11 based, 8 on sprue)

Space Wolf RunePriest (x2)
Commisar Gaunt
Tyranid Biovore w/ spore mines
Tyranid Tyrant Guard (the horrid looking ones) (x2)
Spore Mines (x2)
Wolf Guard (x4)
Space Wolf Captain
Skink Warchiefs
Rugluds Armored Orcs
Necromancers Foot and Mounted
Imperial Pistolier
Bloodletter Champion (x2)
Bloodbowl Minotaur
LotR Rohan Capt Foot and Mounted
LotR Theodred Foot and Mounted
LotR Wood Elf Command
LotR Sharku Foot and Mounted
LotR Orc Trackers
Eldar Farseer (pistol and Spear) (pending)
Librarian Terminator (pending)
Saurus Hero on Cold One (pending)
Saurus Lord on Foot (pending)

Empire Detachment
2 boxes OOP (metal) Chaos Knights
Blood Bowl Dwarf Deathroller

Empire State Troops (pending)
Wood Elf Lord on Eagle (pending)
Ork Warboss (pending)

Dice tins of Warhammer Dice (Dwarf, Wood Elf), 40k Vehicle dice (Marines, Orks), and Fantasy Counters (x2)
Novel: The Enemy Within
GF9 Multi Template Standard

Bits of note
Scything Talons. Lots and lots of the old metal hormagaunt talons. Did i mention LOTS? (pending)
Blood Bowl Dark Elf Linemen (x2)
Blood Bowl Dwarf with chainsaw.
Chaos Dreadnought TL Autocannon.
Chaos Marine arm w/ autocannon

Non-GW stuff
Mechwarrior Wolf Strike starters
MW Domination boosters
MW Vanguard boosters
D&D 3 Monster Gift Set
Dreamblade boosters
various Reaper blisters

In order of preference. Prefer on sprue or at least not glued together.

Dark Reaper Exarch (Tempest Launcher)
Harlequin Troupe Master
Wave Serpent
Howling Banshees + Exarch
Shining Spears
New Tyrant Guard
Lictor (any version)
Deff Kopta (just one)
Bastion weapon sprues or Heavy Bolters
Nightwing (Hey a girl can dream!)
Chaos Predator (old style)
Cadian heavy weapons
Leman Russ Tanks (any version is fine)
Fire Prism

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