[WTS] Space Marine army

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[WTS] Space Marine army

Post by gloomer » Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:09 pm

Due to time and money contstraints caused by UGA, I'd like to sell the Space Marine army I have been building up. It would be a good starter set for someone just getting into the hobby or one could purchase the kit and sell off what they don't need. Includes Space Marines Codex, the Ultramarines Omnibus, 18 paints + black primer, pin vice set, green stuff, glue.

Here goes:
Total models: space marines: 41 men, 1 dreadnought, 1 rhino APC.
tyranids: (24) 6 genestealers, 10 termagants, 8 sporemines, 3 infestation markers, 1 hive node.

Space Marine list: 17 standard plastic Space Marines (2 sergeants, 1 rocket launcher)
1 metal librarian w/ huge axe and a plasma gun
1 plastic command squad (5 models)
1 metal apothecary (makes 2 including the command squad apothecary)
(6 Terminators) 1 metal terminator chaplain, 1 plastic terminator squad (5 models)
(10 Space Marine Scouts) 2 metal scout snipers, 2 metal scout bolters, 1 metal scout heavy bolter, 1 plastic scout squad (5 models)
1 pilot
1 dreadnought
1 rhino

Details: (unless stated otherwise, everything is New In Box, still attached to the sprues)

Battle for Macragge box set - first thing I got, so everything is removed from plastic sprues. The majority of the set's models have the flash removed. Nothing glued or painted. Includes: 10 tactical space marines (one sergeant), 1 space marine pilot with wrecked ship, 4 field projectors, 1 locator beacon
Tyranids: 6 genestealers, 10 termagants, 8 sporemines, 3 infestation markers, 1 hive node
Accessories: 32 page Battle for Macragge manual, dice set, range rulers (2) and templates, and 112 page rulebook.

I also have 7 (incl. 1 sergeant) older style space marines with bolters. I'm not sure what year these came out. I got them from a friend a while back. One is partially painted Ultramarines style, the rest are unpainted and unglued - 5 are snapped together and two of them are still on sprues.

Everything else on the above list is New In Box.

Accessories: (new) Pin vice set, pack of green stuff, games workshop plastic glue, citadel miniatures super glue, Space Marine Codex, The Ultramarines Omnibus

Paints: (19) black spray primer, shining gold, blood red, scorched brown, boltgun metal, mithril silver, chainmail, tanned flesh, bleached bone, liche purple, chaos black, skull white, dwarf flesh, ultramarines blue, elf flesh, brazen brass, scab red, codex grey, fiery orange

I'd really, really like to get about $325 for the set. That's about 70 bucks off of the price of these items new not including taxes you'd have to pay. I'm willing to negotiate on the price a little, but, unfortunately, I can't take any trades. Need school money.
Feel free to PM an offer for consideration.

Thanks for looking.


Post by gloomer » Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:05 pm

Dropping the price to $280. Still, don't hesitate to PM an offer.



Post by gloomer » Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:36 pm

Price drop. $200 This is the best I can do.

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