A Dark Day in Providence (Witch Hunter Game Day)

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A Dark Day in Providence (Witch Hunter Game Day)

Post by Feathin » Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:49 pm

Hello All...

I was just wanting to announce "A Dark Day in Providence", a Witch Hunter game day coming May 10th in Atlanta. Details and sign ups are at http://www.warhorn.net/ADayInDarkProvidence/

If you're not familiar with Witch Hunter, it's a shared-world RPG that uses "Witch Hunter: The Invisible World" rules. Details at http://www.darkprovidence.net/. It's a horror campaign set in an alternate 1689. It has been pretty popular in the Atlanta area, with good showings at mods run at DragonCon and some other smaller area cons. It's NOT a d20 rules system, it uses all d10's, but it's pretty easy to learn and has fast-play characters that can be tweaked once you get the hang of things.


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