Yarr! Pirates Roleplaying Campaign Looking for Players

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Yarr! Pirates Roleplaying Campaign Looking for Players

Post by Cripple X » Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:07 pm

Hey Folks,

I'm starting up a Pirate-themed Savage Worlds game, since the Deadlands: Reloaded game I was running has ended to due player schedule conflicts.

We've got one interested player with a second possible player so far. I'm looking for more players to round out the group. The group will meet bi-weekly on whatever night is convenient for people.

No prior experience with the Savage Worlds system is necessary. It's an incredibly simple, yet robust system which you can pick up in less than half an hour. You'll have it mastered by the end of the first session guaranteed.

If you're interested in playing post here or PM me. Thanks a ton.


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