5th Edition Boxed Set

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5th Edition Boxed Set

Post by NegativeK » Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:49 pm

Holy. Crap.
According to Games Workshop USA Sales Representative Mark Koscielniak, the new Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Starter Boxed Set will include a ?Crap-Ton of miniatures?.

The new boxed starter, due out in September of this year, will include the popular ?mini-rulebook?, dice, measuring sticks and the proverbial French ?Crap-Ton? of miniatures including:
1? Space Marine Commander (full sprue)
1? Space Marine Tactical Squad
1? Space Marine Terminator Squad
1? Space Marine Dreadnought

The set will ALSO include:

1? Ork Warboss
2? Ork Boyz Mobs
1? Ork Nob Mob
3? Death Koptas

The retail price on this tremendous deal will be a ridiculously low $59.99! A quick analysis of the retail value of this set is valued at a cool $262 bucks, and that?s not even counting the retail value of the 3 Death Koptas, the ?mini-rulebook?, or the dice!
The new 5th Edition starter will be called ?Battle for Black Reach?.
The regular hard cover 5th Edition rulebook is due out in July, with a retail price of $49.99.
Even with this great value, Games Workshop Inc. has instructed their retailers to warn consumers that in order to off-set this incredible value,GW is forced to break the promise of not raising any prices for 5 full years. As a result, all of the GW starters (40k, Fantasy and Lord of the Rings) will now be sold at $59.99, rather than the former $49.99.
Even so, the values of these starters are astounding, as entire armies can be built for the cost of a couple of starters.
Be sure to place your pre-orders early so that you don?t miss out on this incredible deal!
I have very few doubts that the models won't be full sprues (think Battle for Macragge Marines,) but it doesn't change the fact that it really is a crap-ton.

I wish I played Orks or Marines. :O
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Post by Steve » Wed Apr 09, 2008 7:48 am

I will probably just buy the hard cover rule book. Lord knows I already have enough marines. :D

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Post by Abaddon » Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:46 am

Damn I'm going to have alot of orks to paint.
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Post by SoldierOfFortune » Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:03 pm

You're not the only one, buddy. 'Tis a good day to be a greenie :D

Say, when are we going to have a good ol' fashioned ork-on-ork slugfest?
I'm greener!

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