To.. many.. Armys :-(

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To.. many.. Armys :-(

Post by Steve » Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:45 pm

Well at one point I had it down to 2 army's, but they keep reproducing..

I now have:
Chaos Daemons: 1000
Daemon Hunters: 1000
Witch Hunters: 2000
Chaos Space marines: 2000
Blood Angels: 3000 (which will jump to about 5000 after September)

And that's not even counting my two Fantasy Army's lol.

I keep trying to get out and they keep pulling me back in! :shock:

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Post by Morbidangel » Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:11 pm

steve....learn to gain willpower man. All the new armies are pretty, but try to maintain the restraints and stick to two.

Its hard to do..thats been my problem. Lets the past two years, i have gone from my eldar in 40k(which i still have), to dark angels(which i bought and sold off), to chaos-wordbearers(which i still have and trying to sell), to chaos slaanesh(which i bought and sold), to marines which i am sticking to. But fantasy as well, i bought a 3k orc and gobbo army and sold it off, bought a 1500 point dwarf army which i sold off, and started buying some chaos mortals and i am going to sell them off to do dark elves. SO i feel ya man..i completely understand. Its hard, but we gotta restrain ourselves and stick to our armies, not the current and hottest trends.
At least your witchhunters, demonhunters and marines can all be fielded together in a large apcolaypse force tho, so thats not bad.
Your demons on the other hand...they must seem to haunt you as you can't combine them with your loyalists lol, just your small chaos force. So in reality you only got 2 armies, just two big armies. One is 3k, your chaos, and the loyalist is 6K and growing.
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Post by Abaddon » Sun Jul 20, 2008 7:06 pm

Stop trying to brag Steve lol
Eldar 15-3-0
Space Orks 8-3-2
Orcs 5-3-1
Dark Elves 4-2

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Post by Schlock » Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:12 pm

I saw your Witchhunters the other day and I like the idea of using the Vostroyan models. I don't know if you were using them as IG for your game, but (when I have money), I may make one of my Stormtrooper groups for my Daemonhunters.

I'm hoping you get them all painted up, I'd like to see 'em.

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Post by Aelies » Sat Jul 26, 2008 3:03 pm

Using Vostroyans was my idea. :P
OoOoOoOo what does this button do.

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