I admit defeat to pepo150...

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I admit defeat to pepo150...

Post by Schlock » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:38 pm

Well, it's been nearly two weeks since pepo150 (aka. new Phil) decided to enter the Warhammer scene by smashing through my Empire. So, now that I've had time to lick my wounds, I'll post a short battle report.

The table was 4x4 and set up fairly evenly, we both had a I had 2 hills, he had 1 and a section of woods. We set up with my 2 groups of knights across the field from his silverhelms, and our gunlines facing each other.
We each had level 2 wizards and I had a mounted general and he had a general on foot.

The battle began with our cavalry making haste towards the center of the field, I tried to keep my cavalry just out of charge range. My wizard's first attempt at magic miscast and he was hit for a wound, but otherwise, still in the game. My cannon misfired, but did not explode. My gunners had range due to their +D6 rule on the first shot, and killed 3 or 4 guys.

His turn came and went, very similarly. His Silverhelms moved forward, but did not charge. His wizard's spells failed or were dispelled, and his bolt thrower failed to hit. His bowmen shot, but failed to wound any knights.

The game sped up from here. My Knights Panther set up to take the charge from the silverhelms, while my other knights + the general charged one of the groups of bowmen... in hindsight, I should have set up at a better angle or something. Our wizards continued to be useless, and my cannonball planted an inch from his troops.

My Panther took the charge and held, my other knights broke the archers and chased them off the table, I also had pistoliers who effectively took out the bolt thrower. It looked good until his turn came.

My Panthers broke, he overran them into the cannon crew. My gunmen would be next to fall. My other knights never made it back into the game, other than a brawl with the HE general that killed both our generals. My pistoliers and wizard were shot down by the remaining bowmen.

All in all, I was massacred. In my defense, I was giving pepo150 advice, like "if you want to really get me, you should do this..."
But, he did well for his first game, and he was a good sport about my poor teaching ability.

I will, however, want a no-holds-barred rematch in the future :twisted: .

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Post by pepo150 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:27 am

Thanks for the teaching. It really helped alot. I can't wait to play again. Next time I am going to change it up with some swordmasters I grabbed off ebay. If anybody wants to play soon post and lets get it on! I am painting like a mad fiend these days and trying to get done with Caradryan and the silver helms. Just for an FYI, I suck at painting high elf faces. Anybody got any pointers? Seriously, thanks for the teaching game and I am much more confident that in our next showdown you will massacre my non-attack force.
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Post by Morbidangel » Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:42 am

what type of pointers would you like. I could just simply tell ya, the easiest and most effective way to paint elvin faces is to simply basecoat with elf flesh. Then use a wash(the new washes its ogryn flesh or something similar), let that dry, then highlight the raised edges(or drybrush depending on your lvl of skill) with elf flesh, then mix a 50/50 elf flesh and white to just the raised raise shiny surfaces, such as the tip of the chin, the nose, the upper lip, the eye brow bone, tips of ears. That just gives them that little extra kick.

Best advice i could give is to do searches. If i was more frequent to the store, i would gladly give you a painting lesson, as it would be by far the easiest method for me to give you a pointer. I tried looking up on the painting articles on gws site..and blasted it shows just how useless there new site is now. They don't have any step by steps online now for faces. Several that show basics and gems and gold details and icons, but nothing for faces.

The more and more GW is ran by the corporate types and less by hobbiests, the worse there site and magaizines get.
Maybe i should build a website that is for the beginner hobbiests and has step by step guides to painting...nah..that would be to much work and effort lol.
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Post by SoldierOfFortune » Thu Jul 31, 2008 5:43 pm

I like to start with the eyes after priming. They're really finnicky, and if you goof the eyes on a nicely painted face, you've got a lot of work to get back from where you were in the first place! On the othe hand, it's fairly easy to touch up an eye on an only-primed model, and even if you overdo it, you can paint over your mistakes and get the right shape for your eyes.

This tutorial was based with WARMACHINE models, but the concepts are pretty solid. Keep in mind that, if your priming with white, you want to reverse the order of your paints - start with light colors and work your way down to darker tones.
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