Space Marine Rumours

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Post by Steve » Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:58 am

haha whatever, I think I am WELL aware of the what the Blood Angels are capable of, I've been playing them and wining for well over 6 months now, but whatever you guys are going to think what you want. Most BA players are getting ready to delete that PDF as we speak and almost all of them are gearing up for a "counts as" army. So think what you want, I'll show you on the gaming table when I get that new Codex. :-)

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Post by Abaddon » Thu Aug 28, 2008 8:50 am

Steve is just moving on to bigger and cheesier things.
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Post by Yuri » Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:24 am

Tyson, when the Dark Angels Codex first came out, I did win the first few games, but after that, it started evening out. I think it was the shock of seeing an all bike army for the first time. Now with 5th edition and the new scenarios, it is a little hard to hold objectives when I have 3 scoring units of 6 bikes and 4 scoring units that are single models that are not very survivable.

And I never said anything about not having advantages as the Dark Angels. Yes, I have the Deathwing that can deepstrike half the squads on first turn (that rocks hard by the way!), and yes, I have the Ravenwing with Scout and teleport homers (also sweet for first turn deepstriking terminators!). I didn't say my army wasn't competitive, just that there were a couple of things that vanilla marines have that I think Dark Angels should have also.
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Post by Aelies » Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:43 pm

Have a nice day. :)
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Post by Schlock » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:58 pm

Well, I picked the Daemonhunters because I thought they were cool looking models. I was warned by pretty much everybody that they were a tough army to play and I'd always be outnumbered and I probably wouldn't win often.

I, however, didn't collect them to be an unstoppable juggernaut. I bought them, because I like their backstory, I like the models, and I don't want winning to be easy. The Grey Knights are supposed to be elite SM who face horrible odds and never back down, even if they fight to the last man (which I'm sure I'll do a lot of).

My point, if I've gotten off track, is that to some people, the fun of the game is the imagination and story. If you want a power game, go vanilla SM, throw a bunch of plasma cannons in a Devestator squad and bomb away. But if you want imagination and a challenge, pick the army that makes you happy. One that you're willing to stand behind and learn how to fight with effectively, despite it's limitations.

The game is never going to be balanced unless they come out with a rulebook and every codex all at once. But, I don't think they ever want it to be balanced, because then they wouldn't have a reason for their customers to buy new codexes and try new armies.

Play what you want and my Daemonhunters look forward to dying against them :wink: .

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Post by Steve » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:52 am

I'm so over this thread, call me a power gamer or whatever you feel like. Games Workshop dropped the ball here plain and simple. As I said before I'll see you on the table top. :-)

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Post by Morbidangel » Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:10 pm

hey guys. Just figured i would share some of the stuff. I got to look at the space marine codex for like well over an hour this past weekend.

Pretty much the rumors listed were true. The new marines are nice and nasty, but still not really cheap. Some things went down in cost, some things went up. A big noticable difference were the attack bikes. they are dirt cheap now in comparison to before. As for the vanguard marines, they take up the same slot as the standard assault marines, but are about the same price as assault marines use to be. That means the basic assault marines are cheaper than before. The price drop was probably due to the price of the rhino dropping. The vanguard are pretty nasty but as you start tooling them up, there price will start to go thru the roof. The tanks and stuff are pretty much the same cost as before with one noteable exception. The predator can be dirt cheap if you field it with just the autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons. It came in at a whopping 85 points for that, but again its a tank and can be taken out. The special characters are also really nice but they are also not cheap. Most are 200+ but alot of it is because of what they can do.

All i can say, is the marine dex is definitly putting marines where they need to be, and i can honestly say, dark angels definitly have every right to complain a little. The deathwing is still nice but hopefully they will give them an FAQ to adjust the stormshields so they match. As for the ravenwing, i can see them still be worthwhile. Sure the attack bikes aren't as cheap, but they do have the ravenwing special rules to go with. Also the ravenwing can field units of 5 speeders, compared to the marines now unit of 3 speeders. Still having the outflank ability would be nice, but bikes as they are still aren't cheap. Also the tornado is still the same price as a dark angels tornado.

As for the librarians, they definitely got some nice psychic powers, and can be useful. I myself never really fielded librarians much to begin with, but the powers are diverse enough to consider it, tho the bs being dropped was a disappointment.

Also, as for the honorguard rules, they are only allowed to accompany a chaptermaster. The captain only gets access to a 4 strong command squad. So at most you can only field one unit of honorguard. THey are still a nice unit, and similar to the one in the old marine dex, except no 2 wound models. I only say they are a nice unit cause of the relic blades. Relic blades are basically +2 str 2handed power weapons. So no bonus for extra close combat weapons, but a nice middle ground between power weapons and power fists. Just think of them as grey knights without the null psychic ability and storm bolters.

Oh yeah...the chaplain/librarian stat change also effected the two ultramarine characters. Chielf librarian tigerius and the chaplain got the bs of 4 now. But they make up for it with there special rules.
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