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Post by kabniel » Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:14 pm

stegs have skink leadership. so if you wanted to do a dino list, then you're only real leadership is going to come from a saurus riding a carni.

i agree that skinks are basically going to be your skirmishers. however, with the new spot for kroxigors, sallies, razordons, terradons, etc; the low leadership just seems like it could be a big problem to me.

i agree with the heavy magic aspect to the army. one thing that kinda kept me back were people's reviews and opinions on slaan. some view them as the cat's meow, while others just think it is a pointsink. opponents are either terrified or counter them so effectively you've lost 600 points really really quickly. i dunno. I just can't get an idea on an effective force that i would want to play with them. but then that hasn't stopped me in the past.

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