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Post by Morbidangel » Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:20 pm

ok its time to get back on some projects now that my 2 week break from the hobby is over. Also the wife is back from israel and i can now find some time to work on the hobby again.

Up first is of course finishing off the warband for mordheim. After that its time to get cracking on the restructuring and repainting of my marine force. With wanting to give them more of a celtic/druic feel i have opted to remove the old dragon head icon and i am now going to go with a wolf based theme for the army icon and to help mark my veterans/characters. Reasoning for this is its easier to get wolf pelts and sculpt fur than it is to do dragon pelts/skin. I will probably be using some temporary character fill ins as i work on finding a sculpter whos willing to take a commission to convert my main 3 hq units that will really emboddy the feel of the druid for my army. Reason for this is i just simply don't have the skill or the patience to really do any justice to my characters, nor can i sculpt capes. I can barely fill in a cape without it looking rough.

So after looking thru my marines and reorganizing the stuff i got. I have basically got 6 x 10 strong grey hunter units, 1 x 10 strong blood claws, 15 jump pack marines(so two units there), and i will have at least some veteran marines(sternguard and mk1 veterans) to convert into wolf guard. I will have a few termies as well that i need to convert up too. I also have 2 maxed out long fang units(complete with enough heavy weapons to have 10 different heavy weapon choices per unit(so a total of 20 heavy weapons to choose from for 2 units of 6 long fangs). I also have 3 rhinos, 1 razorback, 1 land raider, 2 drop pods, 2 dreads and 2 vindicators to add to the army. I need to invest in a crusader/redeemer so i can have a larger land raiders transport and also a sprue to convert up my old crusader to look a little bit more modern.

As for the repaint, lucky its not a total repaint. Most of the stuff i have to repaint is the shoulder pad icon, and i am removing the red shoulder pad trim. I am going to simply give both shoulder pads a white trim and replace the rune work on a few shoulder pads(namely the long fangs and a few blood claws. I also have to repaint over the knee pad that had the unit type on it and just add a unit number. The rhinos have to get the tactical arrow replaced with a celtic rune knotwork design. The dread might need a little touch ups and the sternguard will probably be stripped down, converted up some, and have some weapon changes so i can make them look more in line with my planned wolf guard. I probably wont touch kantor as he will just be a fill in wolf lord till i get a better replacement. All in all it will be worth the effort and luckily it wont be a full repaint of what i got painted so far. Just a few touch ups and adjustments to bring the army into line of its new look.

My only hurtles right now to overcome is a new chapter name, as lunar drakes wont work anymore. I had a few ideas i tossed around on the B&C but the only thing they suggest is just Emerald Wolves. I am not too keen on it but i don't got alot of good ideas. If i do go with emerald wolves...does that mean i need to give them a green wolf head over the black side..or stick to a white wolf head so when on vehicles i can use it over green panels too or just use green for black sections and white for green sections.

Well thats just a quick update for what i am working on. Now if it woudl stop raining long enough for me to touch up my warband leader with some primer so i can begin painting her.
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