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warhammer fantasy tournaments(outside of athens)

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:55 pm
by Morbidangel
hey guys. Not sure if you guys care, but since i also check in at some of the other sites in atlanta area, there is a larger scale fantasy tournament july 18th at Phoenix games in Buford.
More real info is at this link ... ?f=3&t=522
I will say its a 2250 points size tournament so if your itching for larger games.. there ya go.

Also those who are die hard fantasy nuts, in the same thread they mention that the preliminaries for the fantasy 'Ard Boyz is also going to be held at phoenix games in august and the semifinales for the fantasy 'Ard Boyz is also going to be there too in september. So if you got a big enough fantasy army you might as well go try for it. You don't have to have them all painted to play in the preliminaries but the armies do have to be painted to move on to next round of the 'Ard Boyz and with the seminfinals being so close means no real hotel expenses or major traveling fees unless you progress to the final round.

Just thought i would share with you guys.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:13 am
by pepo150
I just heard about this about a week ago. The army for the 'ard boyz prelims is 3000 points and they don't all have to be painted by then as you said. Those are some really long games for a tournament, but gives some a point to shoot for. Here is the schedule for fantasy from GW:
Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Preliminaries Sep. 26, 2009 3,000 Independent Retailers
Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Oct. 24, 2009 3,000 Independent Retailers
Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Finals Nov. 21, 2009 3,000 Chicago Battle Bunker

This is kinda conflicting though because Phoenix Games board administrator says the prelims are in August, and the semi's in september. I will check with him and see if he has his dates mixed up or what...

For round-basers: From what I understand about 40k (which is very little) apparently 2500 points is a huge army.
40K 'Ard Boyz 40K Preliminaries Jul. 11, 2009 2,500 Independent Retailers
40K 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Aug. 08, 2009 2,500 Independent Retailers
40K 'Ard Boyz Finals Sep. 19, 2009 2,500 Chicago Battle Bunker

Any interest in maybe the Athens Gamers Unite sending a convoy to play in 'Ard Boyz? Painting, display boards, playing to get the army list right, etc...I wouldn't mind some guidance from some people who have done this before because I am seriously thinking about getting ready for this thing.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:04 am
by Abaddon
Maybe one day i'll go to a big tourny... I think I need much more practice first. Plus I don't have 3000 (!) poitns of Dark elves painted or even played that many points before with them.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:06 am
by HurricaneGirl
Wish I'd known about the 'Ard boys before we set the Fantasy date. I'd have gone to try that out. :p No big deal though, I have very little practice with that many points of bugs.

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:39 am
by Morbidangel
well pepo. As any tournament and since its GW, more than likely your army needs to be painted to 3 colors minimum. A display board is generally a 2' by 2' board. Its essentially a piece of terrain that helps to display your army best. Often time its themed to fit your army. For example i have seen the ruins of a lizard man temple used for of course lizardmen. But at 3k points it pretty much needs to be flat to hold that large of an army. Also you probably want to have some conversions to add more character to your army as that helps on the appearance side.

As for play..its hard to say what makes a good list. Generally you will want a list that can take on any and all types of armies. Themeing to heavily could have negative consquences. The basic idea is simple, the ard boys tournaments are large tournaments that they are starting to hold each year. These essentially replace GWs old GT tournament system. They are held larger because they want to see whos the best of the best. They are also larger armies because it allows more options to all players, and no just one trick ponies that work at smaller points levels. It also pushes the hobbiest a little and makes players have to really work with almost everything in there army.
So basically round 1 is open to all, but only the top 3 winners of each preliminary moves on to the semifinales. The semifinales are basically regional tourneys. Since its being held in altanta, it will probably include players from florida, georica, alabama, tennessee and south caroline at the semifinals. The top 3 of each semifinales advances to the finals. The winner of the finals gets the bragging rights(at least for a year) of being the best of the best in the US. On top of that the prize level is outstanding. I know for the 40k, they are giving away a few 2500 points 40k armies of your choice. Basically as an incentive for the next year. Hey you won with that army, try again next year with a different force and see if you can do it again.

Since i am just getting back into the hobby myself won't be going to either this year. However with that being said..i wouldn't mind a group of us getting togehter and maybe helping each other shoot for an athens convoy to next years ard boyz. Rules might change for next year but the points limits more than likely wont. As before i have always been up to giving painting advice and even lessons(when i can manage to get some time in to get by the schedule makes it rough), but last time i tried no one showed. I also don't mind brainstorming ideas for putting together display boards for armies. As for getting games in at those points levels, its all a mater of just scheduling as usual.

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 5:42 am
by pepo150
Thanks for the info. I am thinking about just buying the models I need to get to 3000 (box of phoenix guard, box of spearmen, 2 great eagles, and another archmage) is all I have left. Assembling, basing, and basecoating them, then going to play in the prelim. Even if I get slaughtered it is good experience. Then, like you stated, start really prepping for next year. I was thinking about a once a month meeting of 40k AND fantasy players. We have squarebasers, and roundbasers, on this site so everyone could still work together to get ready for 2010. Thoughts on that type of possibility?