Codex Space Wolves

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Codex Space Wolves

Post by Steve » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:34 am

Ok next army here I come ahaha
In order to stop yourself looking completely stupid, I suggest you do the following BEFORE posting any new rumours or questions.

1) Read the first post
2) Check the time this post was last edited
3) Read AT LEAST all the posts AFTER this post was last edited

If after all that your rumour hasn?t appeared, or your question hasn?t been asked, feel free to post it.

Please keep the discussion related to new rumours or how current rumours may impact you or other rules etc.

General info

To be released October 2009

Codex written by Phil Kelly

Space Wolves will supposedly be ?even less Codex Astartes? than they were before. This would cover unusual squad sizes etc.


Army-wide Special Rules

Sagas ? Characters can take special skills called Sagas. They are said to work similar to the Vampiric Powers used by Vampire Counts. 75hastings69 gave the example that a character with ?Saga of the monster killer? (made up name) may be better at killing Monstrous Creatures, but would suffer a drawbacks such as needing to kill a certain number of them per game.

Wolf Claws ? The Space Wolf version of Lightning Claws, allow you to choose to either re-roll ?to hit? or ?to wound?.

Special Characters

Logan Grimnar ? No news yet

Ragnar Blackmane ? No news yet

Njal Stormcaller ? No news yet, but would share the Rune Priest standard rules.

Ulrik the Slayer ? No news yet, but would share the Wolf Priest standard rules.

Canis Wolfborn ? Mounted on a large cybernetically enhanced Fenrisian wolf. Wears Power Armour and has a pair of Wolf Claws. Canis also allows you to take two cavalry choices, either wolves, or more Marines on wolves.

Bjorn the Fellhanded ? Early rumours reported Bjorn would have AV14 all around, but these have been thrown into disrepute recently.

Special Characters will likely have prescribed (maybe unique) Sagas attached to them.


Wolf Lords ? May take up to two Sagas. They will have a wide variety of weapon options. May possibly be able to make one unit of Wolf Guard a Troops choice.

Wolf Priests (approx 130pts) ? Combines the skills of Codex Marines? Chaplain and Apothacary. Armed with Power weapon, Iron Wolf Amulet (4+ Inv) and Healing Balms and Potions as standard. Will allow units to re-roll ?to hit? and also confer Fearless and Feel no Pain on any unit they join. May take up to one saga.

Rune Priests ? Armed with Force Weapon and able to take Space Wolf Specific psychic powers. May take up to one Saga.

Iron Priests ? Will most likely be brought in line with Codex Techmarines. May take up to one Saga. It is unclear if they will be HQ or Elite.


Wolf Guard / Terminators ? May take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader who will be able to take up to one Saga.

Wolf Scouts ? Will supposedly remain the same and gain the option be mounted in a Land Speeder Storm

Lone Wolf ? A one-man unit that will be ?really strong? and act similar to Tyranid Lictors

Wulfen ? Possibly a "Legion of the Damned" style Unique choice, or maybe something based on HQ selection. It is unclear if they will appear at all.


Blood Claws ? Have supposedly been re-worked in respect to "Berserk Charge" to make them 5th Edition compatible. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.

Grey Hunters ? Rumoured to be able to take a second special weapon in their squads. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.


Rhino ? No news yet

Razorback ? No news yet

Fast Attack

Blood Claws Skyriders ? Blood Claws with Jump Packs.

Land Speeder ? No news yet

Land Speeder Storm ? Likely Added

Bikes/Attack Bikes ? No news yet

Heavy Support

Long Fangs ? May possibly receive some sort of special rule allowing them to move and fire, but not assault. May take a Wolf Guard as a squad leader.

Land Raider ? Crusader and Redeemer most likely added. Also rumours of a unique Land Raider variant, possibly with three twin-linked Assault Cannon.

Predator ? No news yet

Whirlwind ? No news yet

Vindicator ? No news yet

Leman Russ Exterminator ? Almost certainly removed


All Special Character models are getting re-done. If they don?t appear in the first wave, they will come in later waves.

The new Njal Stormcaller mini is supposedly holding a gnarled staff in front of him.

Canis Wolfborn?s Fenrisian wolf is supposedly a bit bigger than a Juggernaught. There are no plans to make minis of standard Space Wolf Cavalry, and players will be expected to convert their own using Canis.

There will be two main plastic kits:

Space Wolves (plastic) ? Used to make all Power Armoured Space Wolves with the exception of Long Fangs, which will need to combine bits from this kit with the vanilla Devastators kit. There are supposedly more than 30 heads in the kit (most of them helmetless) along with weapons and other bits which could be spread out across vanilla kits, or concentrated on a few models in a similar way to the Dark Angels kit.

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Post by HurricaneGirl » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:16 am

cool stuff!! I never got the leman russ, though it's sad they lose their namesake's tank.

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Post by RocketWulf » Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:52 pm

Where did you hear all this stuff, Steve? And why would they remove the Exterminator?
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Space Wolves don't die, they just get meaner and carry bigger guns

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Post by Steve » Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:42 am

Link to original post at the bottom of my first post.

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