North Carolina RTT Report

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North Carolina RTT Report

Post by SoldierOfFortune » Mon Aug 03, 2009 9:00 pm

Howdy, gang! Quick report from the Hinterlands of High Point, North Carolina:

I participated in a WH40K RTT tounament on July 25th and placed 9th overall, and 3rd best general (this crowd plays some serious soft scores). I brought the following list:
  • Chaos Lord
    Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Daemon Weapon, Meltabombs: 185

    6 Chaos Bikers
    Icon of Nurgle, x2 Flamers: 255

    10 Chaos Space Marines
    2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, champion, Powerfist: 220
    Rhino: 35

    10 Chaos Space Marines
    2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, champion, Powerfist: 220
    Rhino: 35

    8 Bezerkers
    Champion, Power Weapon: 198
    Rhino: 35

    8 Havocs, x2 Heavy Bolter, x2 Missile Launcher: 190

    Gimpy (WITH A NEW ARM YAAAY), xDread CCW, Heavy Flamer: 150

    6 Lesser Daemons: 78

    Dreadnought, Multimelta, Heavy Flamer on CCW: 105

    Total Points: 1848 / 1850
      Design Notes: I brought the Chaos Lord and the Nurgle Bikers as a go-to unit to handle problem units that the regulars can't handle well: Monstrous Creatures, Wraithlords, touch special characers, etc. If need be, they can consolidate in front of more squishy units a create a T6 barrier from ork mobs, etc. I spent a lot of time converting the Chaos Lord and wanted to show him off. This unit is horribly overpriced for what it can do, but I wanted to see if Nurgle bikers were worth the hype.
      The CSM squads are pretty self-explanitory, with melta being king of the castle, I wanted to take advantage of it. The havocs worked pretty well for me in tounaments around here, and could be useful if I ran into Genestealer hordes or orks. Bezerkers mainly because I like the paint job (Phil you still owe me a rematch!), and you always need more CC goodness. Lesser Daemons were to score an objective cheaply while the Grown-Ups handle the real business, and the Dread so I can say that I have ran a Chaos Dread. I kind of hate it, it's a heavy old model with wonky rules, but it also does have a cheap multimelta, so whatever. Bonus comp points, right?
      Battle Reports to follow:

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    Post by SoldierOfFortune » Mon Aug 03, 2009 10:16 pm

    Battle 1, Codex: Space Marines
    Raven Guard

    8 Assault Marines
    Rhino, Tac Squad, heavy flamer, missile launcher
    Lascannon Pred,
    Rhino, Tac Squad, heavy flamer, missile launcher
    Drop Pod Dreadnought
    5 Terminators, Thunder Hammer / Storm Shield
    Terminator Chaplain
    5 Bikes, maybe some Attack Bikes w/ multimeltas

    Mission 1: Pitched Battle, Annihilation

    Good ol' fashioned, line'em up and bash 'em.
    Gabe was a great player and my first introduction to the NC gamer crowd in High Point. I primarily played Fantasy with a gaming group in Raleigh, which is about 90 minutes east , so I haven't recognized anyone yet.

    I deployed with the Dread on my left flank all by himself :(, next to Gimpy, followed by my Zerkers deployed in Rhino, Havocs on top of a building, the two CSMs in matching Rhinos, with the Lord and his Bikers on my right flank.

    Turn 1 saw a Drop Pod land right in front of my SM squads, and the dread stumbled out to say hi. Vindicator popped off a pie plate on the havocs, which subsequently fled out from their firing position and not quite off the table edge. Shrike and the assault marines land in some woods to seemingly avoid being shot by something, but ended up rolling two 1's for Dangerous Terrain rolls and then losing the armor saves. Lascannon pred shot Gimpy's battle cannon off, which made him cry big fat daemonic tears.

    I responded by moving the Bikers up the flank to winnow away at the bike squad, both marine squads melta-ing the Dread and Drop pod, wiping out both. The Dread (who was not crazy) took a potshot at the lascannon pred and failed to do anything interesting. The Rallied Havocs, who lost their firing perch but had a good LOS to Shrike, dropped some frag missiles and heavy bolter rounds into him and took out some more assault marines. Gimpy scuttled up the center of the board into some terrain to try out his new claw on the Vindicator. Zerkers moved up 12" in front of the vindicator and forgot to pop smoke. Crap!

    Turn 2:
    Terminators deepstruck in the middle of my battleline, behind the zerkers but in front of my CSM squads, and looked very intimidating. Vindicator tried to shoot something but failed to cause any damage. The bikers moved up closer. Lascannon pred tries a potshot at Gimpy but he makes his cover save. Both tac squads sit back and do nothing (???).
    Shrike and his buddies decide they must take out the Dread and assault it. Shrike cannot cause any damage to it! The Sergeant has melta bombs which blow off his close combat arm, but otherwise no damage was done. The amputated dread proceeds to kick an assault marine in the head and causes a wound! This would continue for the next 4 rounds of combat: the wounded dread would keep Shrike & Co. busy for combat after combat.

    Gimpy scuttles out of terrain to go hug the Vindicator which has not moved. JOY
    Chaos Lord & Bikers move in to intercept the SM bikes. the bikes eat two flamers without incident. Havocs run out from cover to get a better firing position.

    Meanwhile, I am deeply intimidated by the terminators and decide to dedicate the remainder of my forces to drop them. Zerkers get out of transport and get on their left side, one CSM squad moves up on their south, and the remaining CSM squad moves into firing range. Rhinos move in front of the rest of his forces so they cannot shoot my exposed troops. I know the terms have 2+ and 3++ saves, but I figure if I can drop enough wounds on them, they'll have to roll some 1s sometime and soften them up for the combat troops.
    All in all, I believe between the zerker bolt pistols, the assaulting CSMs bolt pistols and meltas, and the second CSMs rapid fire and meltas, I end up dropping two of the buggers. Time for assault!
    Zerkers end up wiping them out before my second squad can even roll dice. Gabe allocated a wound to the chaplain and another 1 came up. A bit anticlimatic. Did not know that chaplains only had 1 wound!
    Meanwhile the Nurgle bikers get into close combat. First time with Daemon weapon, 4 bonus attacks! That's 8 attacks total, poisoned so as to ignore the T5, and ignore armor saves! Glee! I end up winning combat but the remaining biker holds.
    Gimpy trashes the Vindicator. new arm works just fine :D. He consolidates out of LOS from the pred.
    Daemons are off drinking beer or something. Chaos works like that I guess.

    Turn 3:
    Gabe definitely seems puzzled as how to pull this off. His main assault units are tied up or already dead, leaving his tac squads to pull the remaining weight. But he keeps soldiering on. No wusses in NC!
    tac squad on my right side get out of the rhino and proceed to wail round after round into Gimpy, who subsequently blows up. Lascannon pred and rhino manouver a bit closer to the Dread.
    Last biker eats it. Chaos Lord does not hit himself. Bikers consolidate closer to the exposed tac squad, flamer it, and wipe them out in one blow. Zerkers run towards the dread to mix it up with Shrike, while their rhino moves up in the pred's face, pops smoke and blocks LOS to the bikes, exposed marines, etc. CSMs get back in their rides and move towards the left field, with all remaining opposition destroyed, save for a Raven Guard rhino.
    Lesser Daemons are painting their WARMACHINE models. Shrike is still flinging his little body at the dread, who just doesn't give a crap and fails to do anything except stall Shrike.

    Turn 4:

    Lascannon pred shoots the rhino in its grille and shakes it. Rhino attempts to ram one of my occupied rhinos, resulting in a quick rules check that ultimately means nothing. Shrike tries and fails to do anything. A melta bomb takes off the multimelta arm. Dread doesn't care and kicks an assault marine.

    Bikers Turbo-boost really close to the zerkers, who are still running to play with Shrike. one of the melta marines shoots the rhino from the top hatch and bakes it, the other moves 12" towards the rest of the party. Havocs try shooting at the remaining rhino to no effect.

    Turn 5:
    Gabe's patience pays off! Rhino rolls up next to the zerkers, Raven Guard rush out, fire assault weapons at the Zerkers, and fleet assault the zerkers. They die like dogs, the chaplain's death was avenged, and the zerkers take out about three of them before they go poof due to failed Fearless saves. the tac squad consolidates into the terrain in the center of the board.

    My daemons decide to show up! They warp in from the bikers' icon in front of the tac squad. CSMs unload in front of the tac squad, light it up, and the daemons finish it off in assault.
    Bikers vroom up to the dread combat, which is STILL GOING ON, and Plaguebringer metes out sweet sweet pestilent justice on Shrike. He still gets his hits back but flubs his rolls.

    We roll to continue, but to no changes. The pred and remaining rhino are his only models on the board, while I'm mostly intact, save for half of the havocs (without heavy weapons), the zerks, and Gimpy. I end up winning 20-4, with a points cap of 21.

    Gabe seemed to me to be a relatively new player, as he made a lot of what i would consider 'rookie mistakes': he let his units attack me piecemeal, which allowed me to pick him off one at a time, instead of using his whole army as one force. With Shrike's armywide Fleet abillity, he certainly did not take advantage of it very well, and neither of us were expecting my Dread to hold him up as much as it did.
    As much as I hated that model, it certainly bailed me out.

    No significant paint jobs, Raven Guard looks suspiciously like Black Templar without any cool conversions. But Gabe took his beating with a smile, and was fun to play, despite his uncanny poor dice luck.

    Battle 2 tomorrow. Not so much for a quick report, huh?

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    Post by Abaddon » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:21 am

    Sounds awesome! Looking forward to hearing the next report. Good job on getting 3rd best general.
    Eldar 15-3-0
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    Post by HurricaneGirl » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:50 am

    Very cool report. Congrats on the victory! :)

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