Cami's Updated Project

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Cami's Updated Project

Post by HurricaneGirl » Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:06 am

Copied from the Projects list below. Updates are in Bold cause it's fun!

Right now I've been hitting my Eldar pretty consistently. I've got
ALL my Dire Avengers done, six of my banshees done and have finished my 2nd Falcon. Still need to put the finishing touches on my Autarch (on bike of course) the Farseer on bike is done.

Still to do; another Falcon, Wraithlord has been started, Warlock on bike; second one done. Have bits now for a third warlock on bike. Oh and the Harlequins. Still haven't decided on a base scheme.

Still need to get a Dark Reaper Exarch,

Now have a Wave Serpent for the Banshees to ride in. And a possible Troupe Master.

Tyranids: finished up the last dozen Genestealers, but now have 10 more to strip and paint, base and paint 8 more gaunts, then paint the gaunts' weapons. Finish the bases on all the bugs. Paint spore mines, Biovores and Flya-gaunts.

Terrain: Finish up my "drilling rigs" terrain. Finished special piece for campaign. Tossing around idea for road sections.
River is done!

The swap meet was very very nice to me except in the project list. Here I was looking at an 'almost done' list here and now it's huge!
>I have a dozen Harlequins now. 6 are without 'kisses, and I'm considering if I want to paint them. If so, I have to add another Wave Serpent.
>(oh and as an aside. I've decided it's 'fluffy' to field more banshees in my Eldar army so I need another 10 of them and a WS for them to ride in)
>Have 5 Eldar Rangers to strip and paint.
>Orks: holy crap. Needs paint/building; half a dozen Deffkoptas, a second Trukk, a looted wagon project, scratch building a wartrax. painting; about 3 dozen more boyz, 7 nobz, a couple of Flash Gitz, a crap load of Lootaz and Burna boyz. Hard to believe that the majority of this army is already painted!
>Emporer's Children - I culled down my army before the swap in order to put a 'cap' on it. Other than a potential Chaos Predator, this army is built. I have a 3rd 'old school' Rhino in the mail and a few Noise Marines to de-blister and paint yet, but I won't build on this army any more (unless a defiler falls from the sky and then only maybe).
>Added a few more guardsmen and 2 rhinos to the Sister of Battle. While definitely on my to-do list, they're far on the bottom. I still need Immolator/Exorcist units to add, but at least they're mobile now. I have no illusions that these girls will be traded away one day (it's their destiny it would seem) I vow to have them painted before then.

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