I have a question...

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I have a question...

Post by zerotkatama » Wed Mar 26, 2008 8:51 pm

If I am not a UGA student can I come to Gamer Association meetings?

Second, I see that your normal place is closed for construction, where is it in the meantime?

Also, you guys need to look at your Wiki, i think some spammers have been putting up nasty links.

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Post by JeremyS » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:25 pm

Hiya. My name is Jeremy (cleverly disguised in my user name), I'm the Vice President of the group. (which means I get to do nothing until Chris gets assassi... uhm, nothing! ;-))

1) Yes. We have non-student members. All are welcome. But...

2) With the Tate Center closed, we've pretty much scattered to the winds. Games tend to form up at the start of a semester, and as such we've got a lot of people in ongoing campaigns. This is actually one of the problems we want to somehow address, because TONS of people come in mid-semester, find that everyone's got a game and the games are full, and then go. It's just getting those people in the same place at the same time that is a problem, because they usually come one at a time. (heck, I was one of those people once:-)) We're looking to establishing some form of mass communication (aside from this site, which is also a good form of mass communication but hard to use to find people with) like a mailing list to put newcomers on.

However, since our meeting place has both been removed from us, and has inexplicably removed from us the time formerly alloted to us, I don't think we have a central meeting point for a while. The two games I am in have moved to private residences for this duration (but will be back in Tate when we can, I think). So we are 'on pause' as far as that is concerned. Chris' Friday game may meet in a publicly accessible locale, though.

Probably the best bet to hook up with a group at this point is through this board, or the game shops. I hear rumors they like it when people come in there! :-)

3) If we still have a Wiki, I am sure we no longer use it. But President Chris might know for sure if we plan for that.

Thank you for asking! Is always good to meet with new people. Hopefully, once everything clears up, we'll see you there.

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Post by S0meguy » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:24 pm

Hey zerotkatama.

We've got two guys trying to start games, ad we'll be holding a meeting at the SLC in the next two weeks.

One of those people who is starting/looking for a game has posted a thread. Check that one out.

Also another player will be posting soon with a thread on forming a new game.

Yes, we're trying to get that wiki taken down.

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