20s-Pulp-Horror-SciFi-Supers goodness

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20s-Pulp-Horror-SciFi-Supers goodness

Post by Yunuswesley » Thu Mar 27, 2008 3:49 pm

Hi folks,

This is Yunus, the guy who dropped in on the Star Wars & d20 Future games a couple months back. I'm planning to run a short campaign on Saturday afternoons, location to be determined, and am trawling for interest. 5 players, max.

Based in 1920s New York, the game will range around Paris, South America, Central Asia, the cavern-gardens of Delta Pavonis IV, and weirder places. It will be pulp, meaning lots of action, car chases, zeppelin-hijacking, etc, pumped up to low-level supers power, with horror and mystery elements for roleplaying. Who is that mysterious woman, and why does her voice echo? What is the gangster doing with that Syriac tome he stole from us (the one those Brazilian vampire-cultists were so keen to protect)?

Inspirational media:
H.P. Lovecraft, Indiana Jones, The Tomorrow People, Escape from Witch Mountain, Dark City, City of Lost Children, Puppetmasters, the Rocketeer, Dark Knight-ish Batman, Foucault's Pendulum, Tremors, Hellboy, Seven Cities of Gold, Men in Black.

The campaign will have two stages: a 2-3 session "origins" story about a group of talented young people who (hopefully) save the world; then we'll fast-forward a few years, seriously beef up the characters up, and who knows where we'll go.

The system I'll be running is GURPS 4th edition, mostly sticking to what's available in the free, downloadable GURPS Lite rules (see url below), going into the Powers book and advanced combat as needed.


I want to meet interested parties this Saturday, 3pm at Hot Corner Coffee downtown (269 North Hull at the West Washington intersection). We'll go over some basic rules stuff, harmonize character concepts, etc.


Please RSVP by private message on this site if you're interested!

Excited to game again,


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Re: 20s-Pulp-Horror-SciFi-Supers goodness

Post by Yunuswesley » Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:25 pm

I'm glad to have heard from a couple of you who are interested.

As requested, I'm moving the first meet-up back a week to Saturday, April 5, from 3 to around 6 at Hot Corner Coffee.

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Post by Yunuswesley » Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:19 am

Midnight Sun [661]

Strength 12 [20]
Dexterity 15 [100]
Intelligence 13 [60]
Health 13 [30]

Hit Points 12
Will 15 [10]
Perception 13
Fatigue Pnts 13

Basic Speed 8 [20]
Basic Move 8
Dodge 12 (+1 from Enhanced Dodge)

Thrust 1d-1
Swing 1d+2
[total 250]

Cultural Familiarities & Languages
Western (native) [0]
Islamic [1]
Buddhist [1]
English (native) [0]
French (accented) [4]
Arabic (broken) [2]
Steppes Turkic (broken) [2]
[total 14]

Ambidexterity [5]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Enhanced Dodge [15]
Illuminated [15]
Status 1 [5]
Very Wealthy [30]
Voice [10]
[total 90]

Dark vision (psionic -10%) [22]
Illuminate (psionic -10%, benediction +100%, advantage +150%) [34]
Obscure -5 to victim's vision (psionic -10%; stealthy +100%) [19]
Terror (psionic -10%; only in dark -10%; -3 to Fright check of all in range of hearing) [55]
[total 130]

Appearance: Hideous (disfigured) [-16]
Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]
Disciplines of Faith: Mysticism [-10]
Obsession: Protect Earth from invasion & rapine [-10]
Secret Identity [-20]
Sense of Duty: All conscious beings [-20]
[total -86]

Acrobatics Hard DX+4 19 [20]
Area Knowledge: New York Easy IQ+2 15 [4]
Climbing Avg DX+3 18 [12]
Detect Lies Hard Will+1 16 [8]
Drive Avg DX+3 18 [12]
Escape Hard DX+1 16 [8]
Explosives Avg IQ 13 [2]
Fast-Draw: pistol Easy DX+5 20 [16]
First Aid Easy IQ+2 15 [4]
Guns: Pistol Easy DX+10 25 [36]
Guns: Shotgun Easy DX+8 23 [from Pistol]
Guns: Submachinegun Easy DX+8 23 [from Pistol]
Gunner: machinegun Easy DX+3 18 [8]
Hidden Lore: Invaders Avg IQ+1 14 [4]
Intimidate Avg Will+5 20 [20]
Jumping Avg IQ+3 18 [12]
Karate Hard DX+3 18 [16]
Lockpicking Avg IQ+2 15 [8]
Mechanic (Airplane) Avg IQ 13 [2]
Meditation Hard Will+2 17 [12]
Navigation (Air) Avg IQ+1 14 [4]
Occultism Avg IQ+2 15 [8]
Pilot Avg DX+4 19 [16]
Psychology Hard IQ+2 15 [12]
Research Avg IQ+1 14 [4]
Shadowing Avg IQ+2 15 [8]
Stealth Avg DX+5 20 [20]
[total 276]

Rex Reagan was a fine fighter pilot in the Great War. When he came home, he stepped into his expected role as scion of an old New York family, but on a family cruise to Naples, he began to have visions of intolerable lights and shadows. There in the sunny Mediterranean, his parents, two sisters, wife, child, and half the ship's crew died horribly, ripped apart from within by unseen forces. Rex himself survived only with disfiguring scars across his entire body. Mad with trauma, Rex wandered across land and sea, meeting strange luminous men in Greece, Turkey, Syria, Persia, and the steppes of central Asia. There he learned of the long war between champions of earth and the hideous forces they oppose... and, all too often, of the wars among the secret adepts.

Rex returned to New York, a recluse, forgotten by high society, and joined the war against the dark. His powers allow him to move and act in complete darkness; to befuddle the eyes of foes close to him; to speak fell words to strike terror into the hearts of cruel and evil men; and to impart the vision of the diamond heart of humanity to those in need of inspiration, hope, and courage. He uses the cover of night and horror to fight despots, cultists, perverting mentalists, and the thralls of earth's enemies.

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Post by Yunuswesley » Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:46 am

Midnight Sun has a mix of high statistics, useful advantages, some powers, and many well-developed skills. The [bracketed] figures are character point values; GURPS handles experience and character creation with the same points. Advantages, disads., & powers may be gained through story events and roleplaying.

The powers look the most complicated with all those -/+ percentages: those are enhancements and limitations on the abilities which are weighed against each other, each with a defined meaning. The illuminate power is what GURPS calls an "affliction", usually used to do something like lower your enemy's IQ, stun him, or give him warts; but affliction rules represent giving an advantage as well.

This "affliction" is a psionic power, subject to the usual countermeasures like another psi interfering and thus discounted a standard 10%; a "benediction", meaning it is resisted by the opponent's Will rather than Health stat; and gives an advantage, priced according to the advantage "Illuminated" it is based on.

This is an ability made up in an hour and built with GURPS advantages rules, all found in the main Characters rulebook but elaborated on in the Powers rulebook. In play, Midnight Sun might see that an ally is being terrorized by an extradimensional horror.

He concentrates for a round and rolls against his Will 15 on 3d6; on a 15 or less, he shares his spiritual illumination with his friend, who can now see the attacker for what it is: just an angry mass of whirling blades, not a foe from man's ancestral nightmare.

Powers has write-ups for all the usual flying, burning gaze, telepathy, etc. But these and much weirder things are possible by making something up and building it in terms of advantages, limitations, and enhancements.

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Post by Yunuswesley » Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:29 am

Saturday three of us met at Hot Corner Coffee. I haven't been there in some months and was happy to see that there are now tall booths. Provided we all get a coffee or something, I see no reason not to keep meeting there.

We have two characters made so far, both wards of eminent folklorist Prof. David Illig, Yale BA 1891, MD 1894, Emory PhD 1902. Dr Illig has recently received a surprise inheritance and a very desirable position at New Jersey's Warwick College, a small, respectable, very old and somewhat decrepit institution but one with remarkable resources for a man of Dr Illig's interests.

Dr Illig, a widower, is taking his wards and, possibly, his children (if anyone else of you makes characters!) to Warwick, NJ, just after this Christmas, 1921.

The two wards --dexterous young men, one reckless and athletic, the other outdoorsy and quiet-- have been adopted by their wealthy older cousin after the loss of their families. Like true young people, their character is still in development ; )

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