Top Eight Teams at Wizard World Texas

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Top Eight Teams at Wizard World Texas

Post by D.E.Kesler » Thu Nov 23, 2006 12:01 pm

Hello All,

Here are the top eight teams at Wizard World Texas. I have simply cut and pasted this report from the WizKids site. I have my own thoughts and opinions on these teams and what it says about the game, but I thought it would be interesting to read what all of you had to say. By the way, Happy Turkey Day.

Regards and Best Wishes,

Donald Eric Kesler

Wizard World Texas Top 8:

The Hawkeye Game Club Wins Again!
The Power Cosmic and zero gravity permeated the final HeroClix Invitational Championship of 2006, held November 10?12 at Wizard World Texas at the Arlington Convention Center. The presence of the new Deep Space map and Supernova Boosters made for an exciting competition that saw the crowning of a new champion, Cory Taylor, from the Hawkeye Game Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Invitational began on Friday with the last-chance grinder, in which players who did not win a local Qualifier could still fight for a chance to make it to the finals and possibly win a free trip to the next Invitational tournament. Saturday?s event was composed of local qualifiers, who had first-priority seating, and drop-in players, some of whom had been waiting in line since 4:30 am.

Both Friday and Saturday?s tournaments were Sealed events. Players were given two Marvel HeroClix: Sinister Boosters and one Marvel HeroClix: Supernova Booster. Sixty-four players competed in both events, and 31 qualified to compete in the final on Sunday. Players on all three days reported having an exciting experience with the new Deep Space map and its special rules, which were required elements of the Invitational Championship.

In the final, John Pauly, champion from Wizard World Chicago and member of the Hawkeye Game Club, had his sights set on a second championship run. He fought valiantly, but was knocked out of the competition. Another player from Hawkeye Game Club, however, began to gain momentum heading into the single-elimination rounds. He was Cory Taylor.

Before Cory made it to the final, he had battled his way through the Sealed event on Friday. Several of Cory?s plays were worthy of the highlight reel, but the most impressive occurred in the very first round of play. Using only Rookie and Experienced figures from his Booster pulls, he was able to masterfully build a team and strategy that was able to take down the great and powerful Thanos.

In the final match, Cory faced Stephen Plasco in an evenly matched game that saw both players use the popular Lockjaw to navigate the map. In the end, Cory, who won the Fellowship award at the Wizard World Chicago Invitational, defeated Stephen to become the second player from the Hawkeye Game Club to claim the HeroClix Invitational Championship. Get ready for the Invitational Championships in 2007, where the Hawkeye Game Club will seek to become the first-ever HeroClix dynasty.

1. Cory Taylor (DrDoom007)
U Flash (Legacy) with Armor Piercing, Protected, Lazarus Pit, Nanobots, Sidekick, and In Contact with Oracle
E Lockjaw with Protected, Sidekick (with Flash), and In Contact with Oracle
U Oracle
Lian Harper bystander x8

2. Stephen Plasco (Logansan)
V Lockjaw x4 with Nanobots and In Contact with Oracle
R Scarlet Witch
U Oracle
Franklin Richards bystander
Lian Harper bystander
Carol Ferris bystander

3. Jeffrey Chen (esper3k)
LE Ghost Widow with Protected and Sidekick
E Mockingbird with In Contact with Oracle, Sidekick, and Thunderbolts
V Silver Sable with In Contact with Oracle
E Lockjaw
R Scarlet Witch
U Oracle

4. Chance Kirchhof (sundevil)
U Man of Steel with Protected and In Contact with Oracle
E Lockjaw with In Contact with Oracle
E Lockjaw with Nanobots
Franklin Richards bystander x2

5. Matthew Esbrook (cornishhen)
V Emerald Empress with Nova Blast, In Contact with Oracle, and Lazarus Pit
R Songbird with Alpha Flight
LE Ghost Widow with In Contact with Oracle
LE Sue Storm with Fantastic Four
Lian Harper bystander

6. Ed Arnold-Berkovits (uniqueunique)
U Flash (Legacy) with In Contact with Oracle, Protected, Nanobots, Armor Piercing, and Sidekick
V Lockjaw with In Contact with Oracle
E Mockingbird with Alpha Flight
U Oracle

7. Chris Walker (PlowboyWalker)
U Flash (Legacy) with Nanobots and Armor Piercing
V Mockingbird with Heightened Reflexes and Thunderbolts
R Scarlet Witch
LE Clarice Ferguson
Lian Harper bystander x2

8. Chad Thomas (tchad)
E Joker with Armor Piercing, Nanobots, and In Contact with Oracle
V Lockjaw with Nanobots
LE Jeane-Marie Beaubier with Thunderbolts, Nanobots, and In Contact with Oracle
R Red Tornado
Lian Harper bystander

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